Carolina Beach Pier

Carolina Beach

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Panoramic Images Collection

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Carolina Beach

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Carolina Beach, NC on Pleasure Island,Carolina Beach Fishing Center an ...

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Bald Head Island, Old Baldy Lighthouse

Lighthouse was built in 1909. Old Baldy is North Carolina's Oldest Lig ...

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Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce

Pleasure Island Home to Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Fort Fisher

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Fort Fisher Beach

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Carolina Beach LAKE

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Cape Fear River

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Christmas by the Sea

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Dominican Republic

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St Martin

Welcome to my Sint Maarten - Saint Martin!

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Wilmington NC

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Greenfield Lake Wilmington NC

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Wrightsville Beach NC

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Carolina Beach Sunrise

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Fireworks by the sea

Carolina Beach

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Atlantic Towers - Carolina Beach, NC

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South Carolina

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Black River NC

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Biltmore,Asheville, NC

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Orton Plantation & Garden

Orton Plantation Gardens is a historic landscape designed around the 1 ...

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Ocean Grill

Carolina Beach

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Your Bio

Paul Boroznoff, a native of New Jersey, now Semi-Retired resides in Carolina Beach, NC.
Paul’s interest in photography and art dates back 35 years. His profession started in the United States Air Force. .
After leaving the USAF he continued his photography career working for a large photography Company located in the New York / New Jersey area, while also working in a professional photo lab. At this time he also exhibited his work in art shows along the New Jersey seaboard.
While working in the industry, Paul was selected to be one of the photographers at the 1977 Miss USA pageant in Charleston, S.C.
Although his photography career was diverted Paul always wanted to relocate to the South to enjoy the culture and ‘southern hospitality’ while pursuing photography as a profession. His interest in digital photography is self taught and began in the 1980’s when he purchased his first computer.
Currently Paul is the owner of Southern Digital Art and displays his photos in art shows in the Cape Fear region. Paul’s specialty is his large canvas prints. He has expanded his photography to include shooting stills for movies and production Companies in the Wilmington area.
Paul is also involved in volunteering on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover, The Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce as a Director and has been appointed as a Judge for the New Hanover County Board of Elections for Carolina Beach.

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